Essentials of Statistics, Edition 2
Copyright 2005, ISBN: 0-201-77129-2
Mario F. Triola
Pearson Education, Inc.

Chapter 1. Introduction to Statistics
 PDF   Word  1. Overview
 PDF   Word  2. Types of Data
 PDF   Word  3. Critical Thinking
 PDF   Word  4. Design of Experiments
Chapter 2. Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data
 PDF   Word  1. Overview
 PDF   Word  2. Frequency Distributions
 PDF   Word  3. Visualizing Data
 PDF   Word  4. Measures of Center
 PDF   Word  5. Measures of Variation
 PDF   Word  6. Measures of Relative Standing
 PDF   Word  7. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Chapter 3. Probability
 PDF   Word  1. Overview
 PDF   Word  2. Fundamentals
 PDF   Word  3. Addition Rule
 PDF   Word  4. Multiplication Rule: Basics
 PDF   Word  5. Multiplication Rule: Complements and Conditional Probability
 PDF   Word  6. Counting
Chapter 4. Probability Distributions
 PDF   Word  1. Overview
 PDF   Word  2. Random Variables
 PDF   Word  3. Binomial Probability Distributions
 PDF   Word  4. Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation for the Binomial Distribution
Chapter 5. Normal Probability Distributions
 PDF   Word  1. Overview
 PDF   Word  2. The Standard Normal Distribution
 PDF   Word  3. Applications of Normal Distributions
 PDF   Word  4. Sampling Distributions and Estimators
 PDF   Word  5. The Central Limit Theorem
 PDF   Word  6. Normal Distribution as Approximation to Binomial Distribution
Chapter 6. Estimates and Sample Sizes
 PDF   Word  1. Overview
 PDF   Word  2. Estimating a Population Proportion
 PDF   Word  3. Estimating a Population Mean: sigma Known
 PDF   Word  4. Estimating a Population Mean: sigma Not Known
 PDF   Word  5. Estimating a Population Variance
Chapter 7. Hypothesis Testing
 PDF   Word  1. Overview
 PDF   Word  2. Basics of Hypothesis Testing
 PDF   Word  3. Testing a Claim about a Proportion
 PDF   Word  4. Testing a Claim about a Mean: sigma Known
 PDF   Word  5. Testing a Claim about a Mean: sigma Not Known
 PDF   Word  6. Testing a Claim about a Standard Deviation or Variance
Chapter 8. Inferences from Two Samples
 PDF   Word  1. Overview
 PDF   Word  2. Inferences about Two Proportions
 PDF   Word  3. Inferences about Two Means: Independent Samples
 PDF   Word  4. Inferences from Matched Pairs
Chapter 9. Correlation and Regression
 PDF   Word  1. Overview
 PDF   Word  2. Correlation
 PDF   Word  3. Regression
 PDF   Word  4. Variation and Prediction Intervals
  5. Rank Correlation
Chapter 10. Chi-Square and Analysis of Variance
 PDF   Word  1. Overview
 PDF   Word  2. Multinomial Experiments: Goodness-0f-Fit
 PDF   Word  3. Contingency Tables: Independence and Homogeneity
 PDF   Word  4. Analysis of Variance
Chapter R. Reviews
  1. Review for Final Exam