"Blondie","Parallel Lines","Heart of Glass","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Sheena Easton","The Lover In Me","The Lover In Me","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Studio Tanz Orchester Klaus Hallen","Klaus Hallen 3","Loco In Acapulco","Oldies","Cha Cha"
"Studio Tanz Orchester Klaus Hallen","Klaus Hallen 3","Rebecca","Oldies","Cha Cha"
"Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods","Super Hits Of The `70s: Have A Nice Day","Who Do You Think You Are","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Santana","Santana`s Greatest Hits","Black Magic Woman","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Eagles","One of These Nights","One of These Nights","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Bruce Springsteen","Born in the U.S.A.","Cover Me","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Whitney Houston","Whitney","So Emotional","Ambient","Cha Cha"
"Janet Jackson","Janet Jackson`s Rhythm Nation 1814","Black Cat","Euro-Techno","Cha Cha"
"ABBA","ABBA: Gold - Greatest Hits","Knowing Me, Knowing You","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"ABBA","ABBA: Gold - Greatest Hits","Take a Chance on Me","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"CĂ©line Dion","The Colour of My Love","Misled","Acid","Cha Cha"
"Kajagoogoo and Limahl","Kajagoogoo and Limahl: Too Shy - The Singles and More","Never Ending Story","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Meat Loaf","Bat out of Hell II - Back into Hell","Rock `n Roll Dreams Come Through","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Laura Branigan","The Best of Branigan","Self Control","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"Michael Jackson","HIStory - Past, Present and Future - Book I","Billie Jean","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"Michael Jackson","HIStory - Past, Present and Future - Book I","The Way You Make Me Feel","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"Michael Jackson","HIStory - Past, Present and Future - Book I","Black or White","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"Michael Jackson","HIStory - Past, Present and Future - Book I","Thriller","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"Santana","Dance of the Rainbow Serpent (Box Set)","Evil Ways","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Smash Mouth","Fush Yu Mang","Walkin` on the Sun","Dance","Cha Cha"
"Earth, Wind & Fire","Earth, Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits","September","Ambient","Cha Cha"
"Fastball","All the Pain Money Can Buy","The Way","Dance","Cha Cha"
"Frankie Wang","Chilly Cha Cha","Chilly Cha Cha","Oldies","Cha Cha"
"Jennifer Paige","Jennifer Paige","Crush","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"Mariah Carey","#1`s","Fantasy","Ambient","Cha Cha"
"Mariah Carey","#1`s","Emotions","Ambient","Cha Cha"
"Santana","The Best of Santana","Oye Como Va","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Santana","The Best of Santana","She`s Not There","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Enrique Iglesias","Enrique","Be with You","Ska","Cha Cha"
"Jeffrey Osborne","Ultimate Collection: Jeffrey Osborne","Stay With Me Tonight","Ambient","Cha Cha"
"Level 42","Pure 80`s","Something About You (Single Version)","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"Love and Rockets","Love and Rockets","So Alive","Dance","Cha Cha"
"Marc Anthony","Marc Anthony","I Need to Know","Ska","Cha Cha"
"Santana","Supernatural","Smooth","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Steppenwolf","20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Steppenwolf","Magic Carpet Ride (Single)","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Debelah Morgan","Dance With Me","Dance With Me","Ambient","Cha Cha"
"Gwyneth Paltrow","Duets","Bette Davis Eyes","Fusion","Cha Cha"
"Madness","Madness: Ultimate Collection","Our House","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Soul Asylum","Black Gold - The Best of Soul Asylum","Runaway Train","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Billy Joel","The Essential Billy Joel","We Didn`t Start the Fire","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Christina Aguilera, Lil` Kim, Mya & Pink","Moulin Rouge","Lady Marmalade","Fusion","Cha Cha"
"Enrique Iglesias","Escape","Escape","Ska","Cha Cha"
"Enrique Iglesias","Escape","Love to See You Cry","Ska","Cha Cha"
"Enrique Iglesias","Escape","Love 4 Fun","Ska","Cha Cha"
"Enrique Iglesias","Escape","One Night Stand","Ska","Cha Cha"
"Enrique Iglesias","Escape","If the World Crashes Down","Ska","Cha Cha"
"Philip Bailey & Phil Collins","80`s Pop Hits (Slipcase)","Easy Lover","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"London Bus Stop","Get It On","Get It On (Bang a Gong)","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"Marc Anthony","Mended","Tragedy","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"Blue Love Monkey","I Ain`t Got Time to Die","Love Is Strange","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Johnny Gill","20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Johnny Gill","Rub You the Right Way","Ambient","Cha Cha"
"R.E.M.","In Time - The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003","Losing My Religion","Jazz+Funk","Cha Cha"
"Thompson Twins","Platinum & Gold Collection: Thompson Twins","Hold Me Now","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"Tom Jones","Reloaded - Greatest Hits","She`s a Lady","Soundtrack","Cha Cha"
"Bonnie Pointer","20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of the Pointer Sisters","Heaven Must Have Sent You (12\" Version)","Acid","Cha Cha"
"John Legend","Hitch (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)","Don`t You Worry `Bout a Thing","Fusion","Cha Cha"